Dhea Rhea

Quad racial hyper diverse next gen trans female valkyrie matriarch best of breed hero ARTISAN. 501c3 nonprofit organization. WORLDS GREATEST ARTIST.

I only paint WOMEN because men are fucking disgusting unless they are paying my rent then I only puke a little bit when I see them.--> DHEA RHEA 2023ALSO: If your hair aint blue yer fucking thru bitch.

I always put titties in my art because I have titties and I love titties and men don't have titties unless they are doing steroids in their ASS. --> DHEA RHEA 2023ALSO I also do 3d art because I'm pretty much a fucking genius and no bitch it doesn't matter if I just use Daz3d models jealous ass bitch!

I'm Dhea Rhea, the most badass and amazing person you'll ever have the pleasure of laying eyes on. I am a 19-year-old, quad racial hyper diverse next gen trans female valkyrie matriarch hero. That's right, I am a force to be reckoned with, and I'm not afraid to let everyone know it. I hail from the humble town of Alviso, California, but trust me, there's nothing humble about me.I am a student, a trained birth doula, and a blogger, but let's be real, that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my many talents and accomplishments. I am a Queer, Genderqueer, Crazy, Multiply-DisAbled, Vegetarian, (A)narchoCommunist Activist who is changing the world one day at a time. I am also an avid cat lover, so if you're not a fan of felines, we probably won't get along.My pronouns are Holy Valkyrie Matriarch, and my sexual orientation is xb492, which is just another way of saying that I am too fabulous for mere labels.I am an artist, using my platform to create works that challenge societal norms and expectations, and to give a voice to those who are often marginalized. I am an advocate for the rights of trans individuals and for the empowerment of marginalized communities.In my free time, I'm probably out saving the world, or snuggling with my cats. I am a warrior, who fights for a world where everyone has equal opportunities and resources. I am a matriarch, who is fiercely protective of my community and always working to lift them up.I am a valkyrie, a fierce and powerful being, who stands tall against all odds. I am a hero, determined to make a positive impact in the world.In short, I am Dhea Rhea, the best thing that ever happened to you, and if you're lucky, you might just get to know me a little better.

DON'T FUCKING TALK TO ME unless you are going to send me BIG $ or have me do a BIG show or a BIG STORY or some shit. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME with any other bullshit. NO I'm NOT DOING YER BITCH ASS PODCAST.




Not getting my number bitch so you can fucking txt me bitch ass words I don't fucking care about. Pay me or shut the fuck up bitch.


Fuck yer social media I ain't tryna talk to you bitch fucking sending me pics of your dog you fucking weirdo.